[SHOT 17] B&T To Attend Range Day With The New Aimpoint Nano And Their USW


    Last year we broke the brand new B&T Universal Service Weapon and the corresponding Aimpoint mini red dot sight that is being made just for the new USW. I am excited to see what the shooting experience is like as well as ask them if they have any plans to introduce the USW to the American market (pretty please?) as a pistol variant. The idea of being able to buy a new production Sphinx 3000 with an AIMPOINT mini red dot attached makes me drool a bit.

    We will be providing you guys with a ton of photos, as many specs as I can get, as well as some overall impressions once one of us can get our hands on the gun. I fully expect the Universal Service Weapon to live up to the B&T name as well as the hype in my head. I am of the opinion that it may be one of the more important arms developments for Law enforcement in recent memory.

    You can read some of our posts on the USW and the Aimpoint Nano HERE, you also may want to visit the B&T website HERE to learn more about their product lineup, they make some super cool stuff.

    Even as modesty is a Swiss trait, our Universal Service Weapon (USW) is the world’s first and only pistol with an integrated foldable stock and therefore creates a whole new and unique category of handguns. Equipped with the brand new Aimpoint® Nano red dot sight the USW in caliber 9 mm Luger (9 x 19 mm) offers superior accuracy at up to 80 yards. Marginally bigger than a standard duty pistol it combines the capabilities of a pistol and a submachine gun to a whole new level.

    We cordially invite you to check the USW out yourself, which we consider on of the few really new and exciting items at Shot Show.

    The USW will be available for shooting at “Media at the Range Day” at the Aimpoint booth (no detailed explanations possible) and of course at our booth 3563 at the Shot Show.