SIG Releases New Air Gun Modeled After 1911 Spartan

    Spartan 1911

    SIG SAUER‘s Spartan models of handguns have been popular since their introduction a few years ago. While the guns are well built, I imagine most people appreciate the styling as much as anything. To match the centerfire handguns, the company is now offering an air gun based on the 1911 Spartan.

    SIG’s new 1911 Spartan BB Pistol uses CO2 12 gram cartridges to operate these semi-automatic guns. The guns are a realistic facsimile of the original with an operational slide, metal frame and same weight. These guns will also fit existing holsters designed for the centerfire 1911 Spartan, potentially making them an excellent training tool for learning how to draw from concealment or for competition.

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    While environmental conditions can alter velocity, the guns shoot BBs at a maximum of 410 fps. This makes the gun suitable for use in a backyard range. However, these should not be considered toys, and anyone shooting them should use caution just as you would with a centerfire handgun. The magazine holds 16 BBs.

    Style-wise, the 1911 Spartan BB Pistol has a oil-rubbed bronze finish and the molon labe grips typical to these SIG pistols. While I think the pictures of these guns look good, none of them represent how good these guns look in person. I’ve had a chance to hold and shoot several of the centerfire versions, and I’ve been impressed by every one of them.

    The suggested retail price is $110.99.

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