Colt Now Selling Lights

    Colt flashlight

    Colt announced the company is now selling its own line of tactical flashlights and weapon lights. Initially, the company is launching eight lights: four weapon mount and four handheld lights.

    Handheld Lights

    As mentioned, the company is selling four handheld flashlights. These range in price from $59.50 – $219.50.

    At the low end, the AMRAM Microtac 100 is a palm sized light that offers 100 lumens of light and a runtime of “up to 6 hours” using a single AAA battery. The light has a tailcap switch and an aluminum reflector. The company uses specification symbols that look similar to those used in the FL-1 standard, but Colt does not mention the standard on its web page for this light.

    At the top end of the flashlights is the AMRAM Peacemaker. This is flashlight is nearly 11″ long and uses four CR123A batteries to produce 1,200 lumens. It lists a runtime of “up to 12 hours.” Based on my extensive testing of flashlights, I doubt that either of these runtimes are for the “high” output level.

    Weapon Mounted Lights

    The pricing on the weapon mounted lights starts at $194.50 and goes up to $259.50. These lights mount to Picatinny type rails and include remote switches. They are said to be recoil resistant. Two models can be had with both white and green LEDs. Green LED lights are preferred by some hunters as they can be perceived as brighter at lower output levels, and some animals cannot see the light as well as other colors of light.

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