LAR-47 On An AK47 Book and Other Errors

    Original post from January 2017

    Fellow TFB Contributor Tim Yan pointed this out on Facebook. The cover of Guns & Ammo’s Guide To AK-47s has two rifles on it but they are not AK47s. It is a Rock River LAR-47. Why does it not have a rear sight? I can’t believe the editors would make such a mistake. Although perhaps they sold the cover to Rock River.

    Update Phil Note:

    When this was posted we all thought putting a photo of a LAR-47 on a book about AK’s was more than a little strange. Some may argue it’s sorta AK-ish but the photo is far from a true and accurate representation of what everyone looks at as an AK.

    This instance went from silly to a lot more serious at least for Eric Poole. For those who may not know Eric Poole is a gun writer, editor in the firearms industry. Eric called me the other day and told me the story about this book and it’s errors. The thing is Eric didn’t write an introduction as the front of the book says. In fact he doesn’t have anything to do with this publication. I know Eric doesn’t want anything about this book associated with him considering the cover and someone using his name as having written the introduction. Makes you wonder about how correct the rest is.

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