Lightning Look: Shark Precision Suppressors

    One of the main reasons the American firearms industry is so successful is that, with the current market energy, smaller businesses have a shot at the big time. With an influx of sales, revenue and customers, the accessory markets are allowed to innovate and bring products to market that may not be possible in more stagnant times. While I hesitate to call silencers “firearms accessories”, small manufacturers like Shark Precision are finding new solutions to current challenges.

    Case in point, Shark is developing the Parasight – a clamp on sight system for pistols that uses the suppressor as the base. We’ve seen the integration of sights into silencers in the past, but to my recollection, this is the first solution that is adjustable/removeable.

    I was able to talk briefly with president David Whitson (at the time he was in the hospital battling Leukemia) about his past, present and future. His responses and a quick look at his products are below.

    David Whitson, President – Shark Precision:

    What sets you guys apart from other manufacturers?

    Quality manufacturing and quality materials . We use grade 9 and grade 5 titanium 718 inconel. Not soft commercial grade 2. We have variety of interchangeable systems for thread and Quick detach.

    The Baffles seal and the suppressors are not welded at all. Everything is machined, even the tubes outside and inside to ensure straightness

    All our machining done in house . We have four 7 and 9 axis machines I can do things now that I could not do before. (I started with manual lathes and mills). Now the parts go from solid bar to the finished part that drops in a parts collector in one operation.

    Before I was expensive– now we are going to be more competitive. Volume without sacrificing quality.

    They all are built to last baffles can be rotated like tires “if” they wear

    How long have you been making silencers?

    I have been making them since 2004- mostly as a precision rifle suppressor maker

    This year I designed/added/reworked:

    • Parasight suppressor sights
    • 22 Frenzy (22 mag 5.7 17 hmr full auto rated)
    • 9mm and 45 hammerhead
    • Updated the 556 thresher 30 cal Shark
    • New Jaws 338 this will be a game changer in the 338 realm it will use my QD muzzle brake. It’s running now on the machines – just little larger than the one on the website

    All the suppressors are serviceable, the QD mount is awesome (it is repeatable with no shift).

    Where are you located?

    Dallas, Texas is where my machine shop is located.

    Where can people buy your cans?

    I Used to sell to mostly to my old dealers and previous customers.

    Now, [yet to be released company] is my partner and the main distributor. We will sell to other distributors and to dealers direct.

    In the past, I would sell them as fast as I could make them. [My new partner’s] manufacturing capability is super impressive. They have been so great.

    Right now we have about 3000 parts in stock, mostly needs just assembly and Cerakote. The reason for the production delay has been my battle with Leukemia.

    Hammerhead 9mm:

    • Caliber : 9mm
    • Length : 7.2 in.
    • Diameter : in.
    • Weight : 15.8 oz.
    • Material : Grade 9 Seamless Titanium / 300 series stainless
    • MSRP : $TBD





    SHARK .308

    • Caliber : .308
    • Length : 8.5 in.
    • Diameter : 1.5 in.
    • Weight : 15 – 19 oz.
    • Material : Titanium/Inconel
    • MSRP : $1,495


    Frenzy .22LR

    • Caliber : .22LR / .22WMG / 17HMR
    • Length : 5.2 in.
    • Diameter : in.
    • Weight : 7.6 oz.
    • Material : Grade 9 Seamless Titanium
    • MSRP : $TBD

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