Review: Laserlyte V-Mini Laser Grips For NAA Revolvers

    If you have tried to shoot one of NAA’s cool little single action revolvers, you know exactly how hard it is to hit anything past a few yards with one. When Laserlyte contacted us about reviewing their laser grips for the micro sized pocket gun, I was intrigued to see if it allowed me to get reliable hits on a steel target at ranges past 7 yards.

    Once they showed up on my doorstep, I broke out the NAA revolver, removed the stock grips and got to work installing them. Since they are only held on by a single screw, getting the wood off the revolver was short work.         P1160726

    The replacement grips aren’t as pretty, but they sure are functional. The black plastic grips have an activation button on the right side grip as well as the laser emitter molded right into the panel. You can also see the adjustment screws on the emitter stalk, more on that later. P1160733

    Once you remove the mounting screw you see that the battery compartment is attached to the right side grip panel along with all the electronics. Opening the compartment is done with the same hex wrench used to install the grips, simply insert three G3A batteries and screw the cap back on to give the unit the power it needs. P1160737 P1160741

    Once the grips are installed and the batteries are in the compartment all that is left to do is adjust the laser with the small included hex wrench so that the dot is about where point of impact would be. You may need to fine tune it at the range though. P1160747

    My only annoyance is the sticker that you are supposed to affix to the gun once the laser is installed seemed to be a bit too big to fit anywhere on the gun. Bummer. P1160749 P1160753

    Out on the range I took a few shots to dial the laser in and got to business. Not only was I hitting the steel, but I was able to keep it more or less in center mass! Given the revolver was only a .22 LR, I am not sure it would be my first choice for concealed carry, but if I needed to go ultra small at least I could hit something with it. 5

    If you look just to the right of the bottom bullet impact you can see the dot on the white target at about 10 yards. While it isn’t super bright it is still visible in daylight, something that surprised me given the bright conditions. 7

    The V-mini grip laser from Laserlyte proved to be a rather valuable addition to a pistol that I previously had a very hard time getting consistent hits on target. Getting the gun pointed at the target proved to be much faster than previously.

    If you think you might carry a NAA revolver or just want to be able to hit what you are aiming at a little easier, the V-mini laser grips are the ticket. With an MSRP of $129.95 they are a small price to pay so that you can actually enjoy the gun.

    Learn more about the V-mini laser grips at Laserlyte’s website HERE.