Leather Textures for Kydex Holsters

    Dara Holsters

    Dara Holsters & Gear announced the company is now offering a leather texture appearance for its catalog of Kydex holsters. These textures are available with your choice of three colors: natural, black and cordovan. (Cordovan is typically a rich wine or burgundy color.)

    These texture and color options are available throughout the company’s entire line of carry rigs. There are a lot of different Kydex holster makers on the market, but I’m not familiar with anyone else offering a leather look for theirs. If someone knows of any, feel free to educate me in the comments section below.

    Dara Holsters

    I’ve had a chance to test some of the Dara Holsters products in the past and found them to be well made. My favorite Dara rig is the custom Kydex IWB rig. With a Glock 43, I found that the holster carried the gun very securely in both the appendix position and just behind the strong side hip. The belt clip was very durable and when matched to the correct size belt, really anchored the gun in place. As a bonus, I found that the rigs made carrying pretty comfortable in both locations.

    In addition to the typical CCW style holsters, the company also makes a duty rig for law enforcement and security. I have not tested this one, but it looks to have a rotating hood that combines with an internal tension device for retention. A Level III-type rig is also available that adds an additional layer of protection similar to the classic Bill Rogers design: the SSIII 070 that is now made by Safariland.

    Richard Johnson

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