POTD: DBAL LAM For Your Pistol

    Steiner Laser Devices makes the infamous line of DBAL laser designators. DBAL stands for Dual Beam Aiming Laser. They have both visible and infrared lasers. They also make a DBAL-PL for hand guns. It is a bit bigger than your typical pistol light but it is packed with lights and lasers.


    The right side, from the shooter’s perspective, has the visible spectrum white LED and red or green laser. There is a button on the same side at the rear of the DBAL-PL that activates them. The left side is mirrored with IR LED and laser as well as a corresponding button. Unfortunately the laser and light are tied together. So they both turn on at the same time. You cannot select just the light or laser independently. One nice feature is the battery door. It is at the bottom of the light so you can change batteries without removing the unit from the pistol. According to Steiner’s website, the lasers are co-aligned. So there is only one set of windage and elevation adjustments for both lasers.I suspect the lasers converge at a given distance like a regulated side by side rifle. I am not sure what distance they selected, but I suspect it is probably something like 25 yards, typical handgun distances.

    The DBAL-PL retails for $1,146 on their website. It sounds like a lot but then when you consider that the DBAL-PL is two pistol light/lasers in one compact unit, it isn’t that bad. Just a Surefire X400V has white, IR, and IR laser and that is $875. There are not many options of visible and IR lasers in one unit on top of white and IR led like the DBAL-PL.