Palmetto State Armory Buys Destructive Devices Industries

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

I recently received an email from Adam of PSA.

JJE Capital Acquires DDI under same umbrella as PSA
Columbia, S.C. (January 2,2017)- In an acquisition that strengthens the USA made AK market JJE Capital (PSA’s parent company) announced the purchasing of a majority equity interest in the boutique firearms manufacturer and importer Destructive Devices Industries. Palmetto State Armory CEO Jamin McCallum was quoted saying “This move will allow a concentrated effort by both PSA and DDI to continue the growth of the all American made AK-47 and its variants.” David Fillers of DDI will continue with the company as a financial partner as well as in an advisory role, he was quoted saying; “It was time to take DDI to the next level, and the best way I saw to do that was to partner with a proven industry leader.” Both PSA and DDI will remain separate entities, but will partner on R&D and compatibility in all related fields in order to pass on the benefit to the customer. This level of detail will be acquired through a joint venture between the two companies known as the “AK Excellence Center” which will be located in Columbia, SC and will focus on new developments for the iconic firearm. DDI also announced that its focus moving forward will be the US production of quality rifles. DDI will continue to stand behind all imported items that were previously sold, but from this point forward will no longer be a firearms importer. Adam Ruonala, Chief Marketing Officer of Palmetto State Armory said; “This move is a chance for two innovators of the American AK platform to come together, and with that kind of creativity at the helm, there is no telling how far this ship can go!”

Very interesting to see what they come up with together. I wonder how this will affect some of DDI’s other projects like the LA-K12 Puma bullpup QBZ style shotgun?

Perhaps we will find out more at SHOT Show.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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  • Oleg Von Gassheimer Oleg Von Gassheimer on Jan 11, 2017

    good, they were junk rifles approaching I.O tier.

  • Ray H Ray H on Jan 16, 2017

    Never liked Fillers as he looks, acts and sounds like a snake. He was in it for a quick buck. He Bought Waffen Werks Cheap and used most of their R&D, parts, machinery, etc. He didn't invest into R&D on his own for these latest AK's. Plans and layouts Were Just sitting on his desk via WAffen Werks/TGI. Should of seen this coming as he is an opportunistic scumbag even though he is always boasting in vids about his loyalty to the consumer and his employees. He cut corners building every AK model he put out. He always made the first batches good to go so that the reputation would sell itself but then put out utter shit for the remaining 90%. Fix a few of these so he can brag about his customer service turnaround and hope others were too lazy to send their POS AK back.
    I'm sure he made a pretty penny selling to PSA. So good for him cause consumers are stupid and gullible and believe the BS that the Paid Gun Review Puppets put out. Paying $900-$1000 for a US made AK w/no Chrome Barrel, Die Cast trunnions, Die Cast Front Sights etc! Goodness people!