You Never go Full Mag Load…

    We posted a video a long time ago on TFB, wherein some Airsofters were lamenting and poking fun at the MOLLE wave, stacking magazine pouches upon magazine pouches on a guy with a plate carrier. It was really funny then. But actually using the idea downrange, is for the most part, really stupid. Until I saw these ANA SF guys. The red velcro patch with the soldier on the right and the M4 on the left are telltale differences from the regular army ANA in Afghanistan.

    15781221_593995930785800_2696414107448075190_n 2

    In this soldier’s defense, as long as he doesn’t leave his vehicle with that flak jacket on, maybe as a turret gunner, the tactical feasibility goes up. However if he takes a step outside his vehicle and actually¬†expects to maneuver or even go anywhere, I imagine his troubles multiplying logarithmically. I counted 21 magazines, which have a ball park weight of 1 LB if fully loaded, coming out to anywhere between another ballpark estimate of 18-22 LBs depending on how many rounds and of what type. If a typical combat load is around 40 to 70 LBs, that’s almost 25% of your load out taken up by just magazines alone!

    But I think the truly ironic part about this picture, is that the Marine Corps actually issues out 21 magazines per M27 gunner. Not all of these are actually carried on foot patrols, and some do get dispersed between the squad. But I specifically remember my platoon sergeant telling us we’d have to carry a full backpack of magazines when we went out on patrol. Luckily for us, he got chewed out for even dumber things, so it never happened. Thank God.

    But whatever you do, just don’t be this guy-


    But watch this video, because it’ll truly make your day-


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