Kinetic Development Groups Newest Q/D Modular Optics Mounts

    Kinetic Development Group, known for their excellent assortment of innovative Q/D accessories and pushing the envelope on SCAR weapons manipulation, has updated their Sidelok system to now be compatible with standard scoped rifles. Named the Modular Optic Mount, the new system is exactly that, modular, compatible with 1″, 30mm, and 34mm optics.

    Sidelok is a fantastic little system, allowing the shooter to mount and dismount optics directly to a Picatinny rail without tools. When attached to a rail, the system clamps onto the rail and holds firm until the user pushes in the deactivation knob to remove the clamping. Further, using a clamping mechanism, the mount is compatible with all in-spec and many out of spec Picatinny rails. Many users have reported an absolute return to zero (though I can only report on a red-dot, which it was RTZ for me).


    KDG went into some detail over at Soldier Systems when asked what this does that a standard Picatinny mount does not:

    To answer your question and a few points that are not in the article, you can’t put this on wrong. It is completely mechanical. Both sideloks are deployed automatically as you roll it on the rifle at the exact same time and same pressure. The mechanical advantage from the cams gives over 200 pounds of locking force to move them (that does not mean there is 200 pounds applied to the rail, it only means it would take 200 pounds of prying power to open the side locks. Pushing the recessed button, and the whole button only requires a few pounds to unlock.

    So if both side locks are fired at the exact same time with the exact same pressure on the Picatinny rail, and you re-install the recoil lug on the bottom to the same exact slot, you will have 100% zero. Professional snipers install their mounts with torque wrenches and alternate tightening each bolt one turn so the mount does not cant one direction or the other in an attempt to get as close a return to zero as possible.

    For the first time you really can configure your rifle for a cqb optic then back without the worry that you will lose zero. As these ship, people will test this, and write reveiws on what we already know, because we invented and perfected it for this purpose.

    There are no protrusions of levers on either side. It is completely slick sided. Nothing to interfere with a side charger, or hang up on gear.

    The worst thing about adjustable levers is they can be too tight, too loose, or worse yet, one is tighter than the other creating a remounting variable that will get you close to your original zero. What if you installed your lever mount the first time tightening the front first, the rear second? Both have different adjustment. Then you remount the next time tightening the levers in opposite order? It moves the scope in one direction or the other.

    Because this is 100% mechanical and automatic, you can remove a ton of variables which is why it returns to zero so perfectly.

    Also if you use a heavier scope, the side locking bars tighten on the first shot from the recoil and stay at the optimal clamping force.

    For now, only the original height rings are offered, but KDG is promising to get replacement rings out as quickly as possible including a 20 MOA declination bar. Unlike many OEMs, KDG has published detailed interface drawings so enthusiasts and professionals alike can ensure the mount will work for them prior to the investment.

    Retail pricing is set a 224.99 for all three sizes. Those interested can check out more details at KDG’s website. 

    Sidelok 2

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