Chambermax TA-1 Glock Slide Racking Accessory

    Chambermax TA-1 is a Glock pistol accessory which adds more gripping surface to the pistol. It improves the grip when racking the slide. The wedge-shaped angled edges also leave less chances for your fingers to slip off of the slide.

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    Chambermax TA-1 is made of high strength polymer, aluminum and stainless steel. It is a drop-in accessory. In order to install it all you need is to remove the original Glock slide cover plate and replace it with the TA-1. It is compatible with double stack Glock pistols chambered in 9x19mm, .40S&W and .357SIG. That being said, it is not available for any single stack or large frame (.45 ACP and 10mm Auto) Glock. Right now they are offering the TA-1 only for Glocks, however, models for other pistols are in development.

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    According to the manufacturer, the TA-1 successfully passed all kind of tests. They tested it from sub-zero to desert heat temperatures and cycled through thousands of rounds.

    There are two color options available – black and pink.


    TA-1 should be compatible with many holsters, however to prevent problems with fitting the holster, Chambermax addressed this issue on their website:

    Generally speaking, most Level 1 and Level 2 holsters are compatible for use with a Glock handgun equipped with a Chambermax TA-1.  Level 1 holsters are those we consider to have no mechanical retention mechanism in the holster that locks to the gun, whereas Level 2 is those with at least one mechanical retention mechanism.  Certain duty holsters with Level 3 retention and greater, typically those with a backstrap that covers the back or slide end of the Glock and/or have a sentry release mechanism, may need adjustments performed to the holster to accept a TA-1 equipped Glock.

    In all circumstances, it is the YOU, the end user, that is responsible for testing your particular holster to ensure that the weapon draws and re-holsters without interference from the TA-1 to the holster.

    We know that many holsters from Blackhawk, 5.11, Safariland, and Fobus that are made for sport shooters and concealed carry permit holsters are excellent choices.

    Here are an introduction and installation videos also from their website:

    The TA-1 is protected by US patent # 9,328,991 and other patents are pending. It is available for purchase either through Brownells or directly from Chambermax’s website at $39.99.



    Email: [email protected]
    Phone: (612) 222-5853
    Mailing Address: Chambermax LLC, P.O. Box 490520, Minneapolis, MN 55449

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