SIG’s New P320 Air Pistol

    SIG P320 Air Pistol

    One of the more popular guns of recent introduction is the SIG P320. A lot of people have been raving about these guns since their introduction, and the company has been successful at getting these into the holsters of police officers at numerous law enforcement agencies. In fact, the sheriff’s office in a county next to mine recently traded all of their Glock pistols for the new P320 handguns and it seems the deputies are quite happy with the change.

    Building on that success, SIG is now offering an air pistol version of the P320.

    Part of the company’s Advanced Sport Pellet (ASP) line, the air powered P320 throws .177 caliber projectiles from a 30-round magazine. The gun’s weight and trigger pull are identical to the real thing, so you can get supplemental practice with a backyard or garage range for a fraction of the cost of putting centerfire rounds into the backstop of a commercial range.

    The guns have a reciprocating slide for increased realism. Also, the pistols have an accessory rail so you can practice with your weapon light.

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    Two versions of the P320 are available: a full size in black and a full size in coyote tan. No word if the company has any plans on introducing compact versions of the gun at a later time. Both of these pistols sell for $119.99 each.

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