F-1 Firearms and Zac Brown goes leather at SHOT Show 2017

    So new it’s not even on the homepage yet, so new you have to go to Vegas and SHOT Show2017 to see, feel and experience it.

    I guess it’s hard to resist releasing pictures of new products as soon as they are taken, and F-1 Firearms is no exception.

    These “leather love” options are being released for AR-15s. Unfortunately only two pictures were released so far.

    F-1 Firearms and Zac Brown teamed up for epic custom options available February 2017. Will be released at shot show.

    Three different options visible on the picture below. Having to chose, I think my preference is the “brown gator” look and feel.


    I can see a few issues with choosing leather for a rifle, on the other hand Blaser have been offering some sensational rifles with leather and other cosmetics. Check the Blaser booth at IWA as a reference.

    For the right rifle I can see it being the thing, and who are we to ask for fewer options?

    If you’re into his music, you can read more about the Zac Brown Band here.



    Bonus picture – please note the picture below has nothing to do with F-1 Firearms, but if you prefer fur over leather this could be an option.

    2016-12-29 16.57.26
    I’m heading to the range tomorrow, and the forecast says -16C (3 F), so the furry thing above and a warm barrel would be my option for sure.



    Eric B

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