New Aptus Weapon System from DRD Tactical

    Aptus 5.56

    DRD Tactical announced a new weapon system called the Aptus. Aptus, meaning “suitable” or “fit for a particular function” in Latin, is a rifle platform that uses the company’s recoil and quick barrel change systems. With this system, you can swap from any of the configurations to any of the others in less than a minute.

    Guns can be user configured in one of three barrel lengths and one of two calibers (5.56 NATO and 300 BLK) very quickly. The PDW versions use a 7.5″ barrel while the carbine systems use a 16″ barrel. At the long end, you can plug in the 20″ barrel for a DMR.


    These guns are direct gas operated and use a non-reciprocating charging handle. A typical buffer tube is not used, so the guns are fitted with folding stocks from Magpul.

    Although these guns are not AR-15 spec rifles, they do share parts compatibility with them. The Aptus can use standard milspec lower receiver parts, barrels, magazines and some parts of the bolt carrier group.

    Guns will be available in the spring. Aptus guns will be offered in two finishes: hard coat Type III anodized black or NiB Battle Worn finish. The anodized gun will have a MSRP of $1,695 while the Battle Worn gun will have a suggested retail price of $1,995.

    Richard Johnson

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