A Closer Look At The GHW Tailhook

    Darrel Keathley has been teasing a few gun groups on Facebook with some sweet pictures of the Tailhook on some popular pistol caliber carbines.

    Richard Johnson had posted an article about the Tailhook just the other day. Click here if you missed it.

    The photos Darrel put up show the Tailhook being used on modified stocks.

    Below are KRISS Vectors. Their stocks have been modified to work with the Tailhook.



    As you can see in the picture below, the original KRISS Vector stock has a lower section that was removed in the Tailhook version. They did that so the shooter’s forearm could actually be used with the Tailhook. The lower section would block the tail hook from properly being used.



    Here is the Tailhook on a collapsing MP5 stock.

    15822540_10210436475082437_8683928219391378738_n 15822636_10210436475402445_5677692772131260874_n 15823338_10210436474602425_8166282221010907492_n 15825840_10210436474202415_5353471324179132357_n 15826233_10210436475002435_7741804249198221053_n

    GHW made a special adapter that attaches to the stock slider bars and allows the Tailhook to be installed.



    GHW has even gone and made an adapter for the CZ Scorpion stock.

    15823257_10210427068327274_3304615529900422301_n 15780687_10210427068767285_548584295308212488_n 15781639_10210427069447302_5057682088018353852_n 15747517_10210427069807311_7743424727897054319_n 15747507_10210427069007291_2345303570722835332_n 15741231_10210427069287298_3910857131278514321_n


    I have to commend GHW on the simple yet clever adapter idea. That way they can use the same Tailhook on different guns. Rather than making specialized braces different guns.

    One aspect of the Tailhook design might be an issue and that is how it attaches to the firearm. Remember KAK Industries? They were sued for infringing on SB Tactical’s patent. KAK went on to say their design does not look like the SB Tactical. But there is a specific claim in SB Tactical’s design patent that might give GHW some strife.

    The patent in question is US Pat No. 8,869,444.

    In the patent, there is a specific claim on how the brace attaches to the handgun.

    a support structure extending rearwardly outward from the handgun;

    a body having a front end, a rear end, an upper portion, a lower portion, and a passage longitudinally extending within said upper portion and at least through said front end of said body, the support structure of the handgun being telescopically received by said passage;

    Those two parts in the patent apply to modern braces out there. It is the manner in which the brace is attached to the gun. In the AR15 pistol, it is the pistol buffer that is the “support structure”. The SB15 brace, KAK Shockwave and now the Tailhook all use a similar method of attachment. A support structure goes thru the body of the brace.

    We shall see if SB Tactical pursues this and of course it is up to the patent attorneys to decipher the legal lingo and see if there is infringement. I am no lawyer so do not take my observation as gospel. I wish both companies the best. GHW’s Tailhook is cool and I like the way they are going with it.

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