Arion Compact Ported Pistol Suppressor

    Arion has taken a slightly different spin on a pistol suppressor. It has ports inside the large brick that help redirect gasses and they escape out of a port below the muzzle end of the suppressor.

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    The pistol suppressor is made of 6061 T6 aluminum and the initial batch are coated in Black Nickel. They claim it is the smallest in its class at only 3.5″ long. They also made the claim that this setup is “holsterable” I would honestly like to see what holster they are thinking of. Traditional kydex holsters would not accommodate this giant brick.

    Arion-Compact-Ported-Pistol-Suppressor-600x514 Arion-Compact-Ported-Pistol-Suppressor-Introduced-600x450


    I am all for offset suppressors and designs that are unconventional like the Silencer Co Osprey 45. That looks aesthetically pleasing.



    The Arion is two giant bricks of aluminum sandwiched around a nielsen device. Now if the Arion is as quiet as a .22lr sub sonic out of a bolt gun I would change my tune. Sadly it does not seem like it is that quiet according to their Q&A section.

    So how much is the Ported Pistol Suppressor?

    Edit: I have been contacted by Arion and there has been a slight mistake on their end. When I originally looked up the price it said $1699. What they failed to do was mention that was for a custom Titanium version. The aluminum version of the suppressor retails for a more reasonable $875.

    With a more reasonable price I’m still not sure I would get this suppressor. It doesn’t seem to function any better than the existing suppressors out there. I could overlook the shape and size if it out performed the competition in under reduction. But until I see it for myself, I’ll stick with my Osprey45 once I get ATF approval back at the end of the month. Fingers crossed.

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