Polymer AR Lower Exploded

    Nathan Brown posted this up.

    Carnage of a polymer lower AR exploding!!! 8ft blast radius of pieces!!! Lucky no one got seriously hurt!!

    I have not seen damage to a BCG like this before.

    15781418_10157920422220043_8550108159551207564_n 15781454_10157920422200043_1322810192635967191_n



    Below you can see the bottom of the carrier sticking down at an awkward angle.


    15826457_10157920422135043_4765808041188764774_n 15781174_10157920422465043_1152956819551736244_n 15822876_10157920422345043_4225719298898121852_n


    Below is what was recovered from the last round fired.



    It is truly a miracle that no one was harmed when this exploded. I cannot tell which make of polymer lower this was. I wonder how much destruction would have happened if it had been a forged or billet lower?

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