Part Man, Part Nerf Machine Gun

    Hackerloop posted a video of an amputee hacking a Nerf Speedswarm dart blaster and combining it with an Elctromyogram (EMG) reader.

    EMG prosthetics read signals from the muscles in the working amputated limb to activate a simple action in a motorized prosthetic. Here the amputee hooked up such a device so that he can fire the Nerf Speedswarm blaster.

    converteda0ee8ad6b565fe357f8b6e8671e52c62625c97bb Nerf Dart Tag Speedswarm Internals - 01


    The Nerf Speedswarm is a simple revolver based design with an electric motor to cycle the air piston which mechanically rotates and indexes the dart cylinder.

    He should have used the Swarmfire which has double the amount of darts for a total of 20 darts. More capacity is always better.



    Or he should step it up to a .22lr pistol.

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