Ruger American Pistol Compact in .45 Auto

    Ruger American Compact 45

    Ruger American Compact now in .45

    Following on the heels of the Ruger American Pistol Compact in 9mm Luger comes the Ruger American Pistol Compact in John Moses Browning’s own caliber, .45 ACP. It only makes sense if you consider when Ruger announced the Ruger American Pistol the initial calibers were, and continue to be, 9mm Luger and .45 Automatic Colt Pistol.

    The new Ruger American Pistol Compact .45 Auto is going to be marketed in the “Pro” configuration. In Ruger-speak that means that there is no external manual safety. The Ruger American Pistol Compact .45 Auto will have all the other features of the Ruger American Pistol in .45 Auto; recoil-reducing barrel cam, low-mass slide, low center of gravity and the low bore axis, pre-tensioned striker system and the modular wrap around grip.

    The Ruger American Pistol Compact .45 Auto has a 3.75″ barrel, down from the full-size Ruger American Pistol .45 Auto’s 4.5″ pipe. The new compact is 7.25″ long, 4.65″ high and weighs in at 28.6 ounces. For comparison the Ruger American Pistol is 8″ long, 5.7″ high, and weighs in at 31.5 ounces.

    Like the rest of the Ruger American Pistol line, the Ruger American Pistol Compact .45 Auto will ship in a hard case with medium and large grips, and two magazines. In an established trend in the industry for compact versions of full-sized handguns the Ruger American Pistol Compact .45 Auto will include a extended 10 rounder and a almost flush fit 7 rounder.

    You can find out more by visiting the Ruger Press release.

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