KIMBER NEW for 2017: K6s Grows with 5 More Revolvers


    A new firearm introduction that took the industry by surprise at SHOT Show 2016 was Kimber making a revolver. No one questioned Kimber’s capability to make a good revolver. It was just not a firearm type that you would consider to be in their wheelhouse. Nonetheless, the K6s has impressed a lot of people even with the high price tag.

    To solidify the model and grow the demand, Kimber is announcing 5 new additions to the K6s revolver line. The new offerings extend from the high-grade to the simplistic rounding out the series.

    K6sK6s First Edition .357 Magnum – MSRP $2,039

    Kimber we all know can make some gorgeous firearms, but there will be an appropriate price tag to follow. The “First Edition” is a very premium, limited run revolver set for 2017. Kimber elaborated on what will be the rarity and intrigue of this offering:

    Only available with a limited range serial number, the K6s First Edition wears a striking high-grade mirror-polished finish and gorgeous Pao Ferro grips.

    For the very selective collector or revolver enthusiast, this model might trip their trigger. It has a 6-round cylinder, simplistic black serrated sights, and a double-action only (DAO) 9.5 – 10.5 Lbs factory trigger. The mystique or draw for this revolver is definitely the high-grade, mirror-polished finish paired with the Pao Ferro grips.

    K6sK6s DCR (Deluxe Carry Revolver) .357 Magnum – MSRP $1,088

    This revolver has some striking curb appeal as well as practicality. Kimber designed this variation off of what they call “the world’s lightest production 6-shot .357 Magnum revolver platform.” It weighs in at a feathery 23 ounces. With the flat cylinder facings it is only 1.39″ wide when a standard 1911 of theirs comes in at 1.28″ in width. Not too shabby at all.

    Aside from the practical attributes, the K6s DCR is a gorgeous revolver to boot! It is finished in a satin stainless, outfitted with checkered Millenium rosewood grips, and is topped off with a fiber optic front sight for faster sight acquisition. A final cherry on top to a fairly expensive, but attractive revolver is the Match-Grade trigger. It is always nice to get a more refined trigger when you are working with a DAO revolver.

    K6sK6s Stainless .357 Magnum – MSRP $899

    This offering is where simplicity gets personified. Kimber touts the K6s Stainless as “the world’s lightest production 6-shot .357 Magnum revolver.” As mentioned earlier, this frame is what the DCR is based off of as well. At 23 ounces, most other brands just cannot compete in regards to weight for a 6-shot .357 Magnum.

    • Smith & Wesson Model 66 .357 MAG (36.9 Oz.)
    • Ruger GP100 TALO .357 MAG (36 Oz.)
    • Taurus Model 65 .357 MAG (38 Oz.)

    It also has simple features like a gray rubber grip for dexterity, a Match-Grade DAO trigger, and a satin stainless finish to complete the package.

    K6sK6s Stainless (LG) .357 Magnum – MSRP $1,177

    For those unfamiliar with the secretive code used for Kimbers, the “LG” simply means this model has a lasergrip. Although, it unassumingly does not look like a lasergrip, it is in fact a Crimson Trace Master Series set. The black rubber grips have a stylish wood insert disguising the laser built beneath the surface.

    This variation shares the same dimensions and features as the standard K6s Stainless except for the finish. This model has a low-glare, brushed stainless finish to match the unique set of lasergrips.

    K6sK6s Stainless (NS) .357 Magnum – MSRP $919

    You may have guessed it, but this offering is complimented with 3-dot tritium night sights. It also shares the feathery frame of the DCR and Stainless (LG). Between the combination of a light frame and night sights, this revolver is ideal for concealed carry.

    In line with the rest of the stainless models, it has a Match-Grade trigger and is constructed from stainless steel. Similar to the Stainless (LG), it carries a low-glare, brushed stainless finish as well.

    Whether you are new to revolvers or a veteran who loves seeing new stuff like me, these are definitely worth a look and a feel.

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