Can You Cable Lock a Beretta Silver Pigeon?… Some People Think So…

    Carson Wentz

    When it comes to football a quarterback is nothing without protection from his offensive line. Many quarterbacks are extremely aware of this. As a result, there is a tradition to give back to your offensive line after a successful season, or if you just want to ensure less sacks or beat downs in future seasons.

    Carson Wentz, rookie quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, recently gave a pretty unique gift to his front-line defenders. He got everyone Beretta shotguns as a season’s thank you. Since he had received a $17 Million signing bonus this year they were not regular ol’ Berettas though. They were custom Silver Pigeon over/under shotguns. Each one had the offensive player’s jersey number and name on them.

    Beretta Silver Pigeon

    Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon Over/Under Shotgun

    The experience level of the O-line with firearms varies from seasoned hunters to some touching a firearm for the first time. Like any good steward of the shooting sports, Carson offered to teach the “rookies” to firearms everything they would need to know in order to enjoy the roughly $2,000 shotgun.

    The Eagles are not going to make the playoffs this year so its a pretty grand gesture by the rookie QB to give his O-line shotguns. Some quarterbacks only spring money for a steak dinner or nothing at all after a lack-luster season. Somebody obviously coached Carson Wentz well because if the rookie quarterback wants to be successful for a long time in this league he needs his O-line on his side not just the 1st year, but for a very long time.

    Beretta Silver PigeonBut the story does not end here…

    A gun control group from the Philadelphia Eagles home state found it relevant to chime into the situation. CeaseFirePA advised all the men to go take safety courses before handling their gifts. They also stated they are willing to send out trigger locks or cable locks to ensure the men are safe. CeaseFirePA was undecided which might be better.

    Cable locks… for an over/under shotgun… cable locks…

    I whole-heartedly believe everyone should be trained and well-versed in the firearms they own. I also believe locks and proper storage are a must, but c’mon…

    Cable locks… for an over/under shotgun… cable locks…

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