POTD: Starting Off The New Year With An M&P Bang!

    This photo was posted on Facebook by Teufelshund Tactical.

    Here is a glaring reminder why to buy a H&K. This is all that is left of a Smith and Wesson M&P after an ammo related malfunction. If there is one thing that H&K does best, it is design outstanding barrels from the best quality steel. Wonder what S&W uses?


    I am not sure why the author thinks an H&K would have survived this better than an M&P. H&K are still polymer framed handguns and are just as prone to catastrophic failure as any other pistol.

    From the photo they posted you can see a compensator at the end of the barrel. This leads me to conclude that it is an aftermarket threaded barrel. The amount of damage is rather amazing. The top half of the slide and barrel are just gone.

    Here are some photos people posted in comment about H&Ks being better.

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