Lyman Target System changes Targets for you!

    Lyman introduced this product at SHOT 2016, but I’m not sure how we didn’t get around to covering such an innovative product. The Lyman Auto Advance Target System is a target holder that incorporates a roll of targets, like a scroll. When activated from a firing line, the target system pushes the roll down, showing a brand new, un-shot target. The previously shot target is rolled into the bottom roll. Activation is controlled by a handheld wireless switch. The entire system has holes in the feet that can be staked down into the ground for a windy day. Essentially the system is designed for shooting over long distance, where the need to expedite a range session is readily apparent, thus removing the need to walk down range in between shooting sessions. They are currently available on Amazon for $190. Target rolls are $16.

    Range sessions seem to suck up enough time as they already are, packing everything into a car, driving to a range, unpacking everything, setting stuff up, actually shooting (encountering problems), then packing up, into the car, and back to the house. I’ve learned that whenever I want to go to the range, I’ll have to set aside an entire day dedicated just to the range. When working at longer distances, the range time is compounded by having to go down range.

    The new Lyman Auto-Advance Target System is a revolutionary design, offering the advantage of remote target advancement previously only found in expensive industrial systems. The Auto-Advance Target System will advance your targets with the use of a hand-held remote controller at distances of up to 200 yards. No more walking downrange to replace targets, or waiting for a cease-fire to be called. Advance to the next target without getting up from your shooting bench! The Auto-Advance Target System is battery operated, so there is no need for access to power outlets, plus it disassembles easily for transportation back and forth to the range. The Auto-Advance Target System has steel protection plates that are rated for use with all rimfire calibers. The legs of the stand use standard and inexpensive electrical conduit tubing available at any home center. This makes replacing damaged legs simple and also allows for customizing target heights to suit your particular needs. The Auto-Advance Target System comes with a roll of standard bullseye targets. Additional 50 foot target rolls are available with bullseye, animal and silhouette designs.

    I could see this system being very effective for 5.56x45mm and smaller caliber shooting. Any larger and I think shooters would run the risk of blowing the system apart if a shot went in the wrong spot (Lyman sells replacement parts as well for this occasion). But specifically I see this very useful for qualifying large groups of shooters at long range, i.e- Boy Scouts, shooting camps, Appleseed events. For the simple reason that it saves so much time in changes between paper targets.


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