Kimber SOLO is Laid to Rest… while the MICRO 9 Expands Its Line-Up


    This may not come as a surprise to many. Kimber ushered in the Micro 9 in 2016 to growing popularity, and in 2017 they will discontinue the Solo.

    SoloThe Kimber Solo was always a picky pistol for many shooters. Kimber recommended in the Owner’s Manual of the pistol to shoot specific ammunition as well as on their website. The friends of many Solo owners joked over the years that you’re limp-wristing it ya newbie! Those sentiments in most cases were false, but shooters still felt that agony of a picky pistol regardless.

    None of Kimber’s full-frame 1911 pistols, the Micro 380, or Micro 9 were ever plagued with the problems that the Solo could not seem to shake.

    Maybe it had some flaws that simply could not be corrected. Possibly, the gun had no failings in design and consumers genuinely needed to pump heavier ammo through it. Kimber seems to have no problem making hammer-fire pistols so maybe transitioning to a striker-fire just was not in the cards.

    For the time being, the Solo is listed on Kimber’s website, but it is completely absent in their 2017 Product Catalog. A quick glance through the catalog shows some very exciting new offerings, but no details or images of the Solo.

    Kimber has not shown any intentions to try a new striker-fire pistol for 2017 (unless they are holding out for SHOT Show – still unlikely). Their main objectives appear to be improving their existing lines of 1911s with modern grips and more curb appeal. A sneak peek into their new 2017 products shows them expanding their offerings in the highly successful K6s revolver and Micro 9 pistol as well.

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