Dead Air Armament’s Key-Mo Mounting System

    Dead Air Armament’s recent announcement and release of the Key-Mo replacement mounting system for the SilencerCo Saker and Omega rifle suppressors is bound to ruffle some feathers. It’s no secret that the top men of Dead Air are former SilencerCo employees with little love lost between them. However, like it or not, there is room for improvement in SiCo’s MAAD mounting system, and the Key-Mo is designed to be a drop in solution.

    Unfortunately, I have been a victim of the senseless stuck Saker syndrome (ok, that’s a bit dramatic). The mounting system itself is designed to be modular, with the ability to swap between different manufacturer’s muzzle attachments. The difficulty sometimes comes when using the MAAD system with SilencerCo’s own Trifecta muzzle devices – the silencer can be difficult to both attach and remove.

    Built in two versions, the Key-Mo upgrades the Saker and Omega to use Dead Air’s brake and flash hider.

    I’m not one to pick sides, but I’m considering an upgrade to the Dead Air system. As robust as the Saker is (I refer to it as an ‘end-of-the-world’ silencer), the intermittent issues I’ve had with the MAAD mount and trifecta flash hider have lead me to question the need for a quick detach system. Maybe the Key-Mo will revive my lost confidence.

    I will post a review if I decide to make the switch.


    Dead Air’s Key-Mo Announcement via Facebook:

    If you’re one of the many owners of a SilencerCo Saker or Omega and have ever longed for a simpler and more reliable mount, your salvation is here. We’ve developed the Key-Mo™ to give your SilencerCo Omega and Saker a much needed upgrade. Simply unscrew your existing mount and thread the Key-Mo on. Your silencer is now compatible with the Dead Air Key Brake and Flash Hider – giving you the best mounting system in the industry. Now available at our major wholesalers




    Capitol Armory posted a video on the Key-Mo system:


    Dead Air Armament


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