Uzkon UNG-12 Bullpup Shotgun Test fire

    The Uzkon is a shotgun manufacturer in Turkey. Among their semi auto tactical AR style shotguns they make this bullpup 12 ga semi auto shotgun. It looks very similar to an FN F2000 bullpup rifle.



    Here is their official video. Never go Full Mall Ninja.

    The video has some dead bodies and fire. Why? Because drama? I am more concerned about other things in this video.


    First up is the tactical baseball helmet. Im not sure what that is about.  This guy appears to be using a balaclava and tactical vest plucked right out of the 1990s.

    UNG Baseball


    The folding BUIS on the shotgun appear to be blatant knockoffs of the Diamondhead USA sights. Even down to the recessed trapezoid shape on the front of the base of the folding sight. Look at the muzzle device. It is canted at a 1 o’clock position from our POV or a 11 o’clock POV to the shooter. That is generally not what you want for a shotgun muzzle device. Of course that depends on the design of the muzzle device but usually they are positioned at 1 o’clock to the shooter to counter act muzzle rise for a right handed shooter.

    UNG brake


    Here is a stock image of the Diamondhead USA sights.


    Diamondhead USA MICRO D Front Rear Iron Sights I S S for POF 308 and Raised Rail Systems Only


    Below you can see a clearer picture of the rear sight and while they try to mimic the Diamondhead USA design, it is not the same. The rear peep sight appears to be a standard 90 degree flipping setup. Whereas the Diamondhead rear sight has a 180 degree folding peep that allows the rear sight to fold regardless of which aperture is used. Also the shape of the goal posts is unique to the Diamondhead sights. They allow easier alignment. The UNG-12 sights appear to mimic the concept but is is just ever so off from the real deal.

    UNG Irons


    Another feature causes me to scratch my head in confusion. The position of these picatinny rails in the middle of the UNG-12. I assume the hole is a QD sling mount but why is there a picatinny rail there right behind the charging handle? I cannot think of an accessory that you would mount on this small rail. There is one on both sides of the upper receiver.

    ung-12 side rail


    Edward O posted an article back in August about the Uzkon UNG-12. He estimates the cost will be under $1000.

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