Ruger American Rifle in 450 Bushmaster

    Ruger 450 Bushmaster

    Without any official word on the company website, it appears that Ruger is now selling one of its American Rifles chambered in 450 Bushmaster. The gun started popping up on a few forums in recent days as dealers began receiving notices about the new guns entering the pipeline. At least one person has had the gun on the range as seen here.

    Here is the general information about the guns that I have been able to reference from at least two sources:

    The new rifle is part of the company’s Ranch series of American Rifles. Chambered for the 450 Bushmaster, the guns use a three round, detachable magazine. The threaded barrels are a little over 16.1″ long and come with both a muzzle brake and thread protector. The barrel has a 1:16″ twist.

    A flat dark earth colored synthetic stock is used, and the overall weight of the gun is 5.5 pounds (unloaded.) The stock has a soft rubber buttpad to help absorb some of the felt recoil.

    Ruger uses its own Marksman Adjustable trigger on these rifles, which is user adjustable from 3-5 pounds. The suggested retail price of this new rifle is $599.

    As I stated above, there has not been any official announcement from Ruger on this gun (at the time I am writing this article). However, multiple sources are showing photos of it, and it comes at a time (right before the SHOT Show) when Ruger typically releases a bunch of new products.

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