The New M-Series Grip System from MagnetoSpeed


    MagnetoSpeed will introduce a new modular grip storage system for AR style rifles at the 2017 SHOT Show next month. The new M-Series Grip System is designed to allow the shooter to do everything from storing a short magazine to using an monopod stored within the pistol grip. All of the accessories store inside of the grip and quickly drop free through an ejection system.

    As it stands now, there are four basic uses for the M-Series Grip System:

    • Mini Mag – This is, believe it or not, a short 3 round magazine. While a trio of extra rounds may not seem like a lot, it could be used to store specialty ammo that you want to keep on hand.
    • Dry Box – This is pretty straightforward. It keeps things dry.
    • Mini Torch – This is an LED flashlight with a white LED and two red LEDs. The light has an integrated neodymium magnet to attach it to something else if needed.
    • Mono Pod – This deploys a monopod for improved stability and fine elevation adjustments in long range shooting.

    The company has not yet added these to its website, nor has it announced a MSRP or shipping date. If you are not familiar with MagnetoSpeed, the company’s flagship product is a chronograph that mounts to the barrel of your rifle and is not dependent on lighting conditions to measure bullet velocity.

    Richard Johnson

    An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is