CZ P07 Goes Ultra Kaboom With WWB Ammo

    Hognose over at originally posted these dramatic images of the after effects of a CZ P07 explosion. His post was a brief analysis of a Reddit thread describing the poor CZ and the very lucky shooter. Visual evidence of the after effects of small arms destruction is always a solid reminder of the forces at work while shooting and fractions of an inch away from your fingers. .

    If I had to guess, the kaboom appears to be the result of a double charged cartridge. After a little research, it seem that all CZ pistols offer sufficient chamber support, possibly negating any engineering deficiencies. The Winchester ammunition used by the shooter is from lot Q4172 (lot number undetermined at this point), however the ammo maker has yet to weigh in on the situation or analyze the damage.

    Although it doesn’t appear to be a barrel obstruction failure, I’d still like to see down the muzzle end and, if possible, a picture of the recovered bullet.

    I’m sure their are “Tupperware” critics out there right now, looking at these pictures and silently reinforcing their choices in steel framed pistols. So, what if this were an aluminum or steel framed gun? Would the damaged have been worse? Or would the metal have held strong and redirected the forces out the chamber and away from the shooters palm?

    Maybe some materials engineers can chime in the comments section below.

    CZ P07 Kaboom With Winchester Ammo Lot Number Q4172:

    Cz p07 kaboom







    I’d say be careful, but aside from weighing every round before you shoot it, there’s no way to know if there’s a double-charge hidling inside. And again, all of the above commentary is merely speculation at this point. Let’s wait for manufacturer input before drawing any conclusions.


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