Australia’s Advanced Combat Shooting training

    An interesting video from “down under” was released a few days ago.

    This is an Australian “reality based training”, teaching combat shooting techniques, and to avoid soldiers getting exposed to this kind of stress for the first time in combat.

    Below: 3D targets on wheels, explosions, smoke and dust. All part of the exercise.


    It’s called Advanced Combat Shooting training, and uses Marathon Targets and Simunition, Pyrotechnics and real time evaluation.

    Looks like a great tool to prepare soldiers for this kind of experience and stress.

    Below: No training is complete without some full-auto incoming from the enemy.


    You can see the M4-type carbines and F88 Austeyr, which is a derivative of the Austrian Steyr AUG rifle.

    The F88, and its variants, are manufactured under license in Australia by Thales Australia.

    I get the impression the M4s are used for training with dummy ammunition.

    Below: By the looks of it a suicide bomber is part of the experience.


    Below: Returning fire behind protection.


    Note the 90 degree angled style shooting with the Austeyr.


    Video: Australia’s Advanced Combat Shooting training

    It seems Australians Target Systems is one of the vendors.

    Marathon Targets and their robotic-moving targets another one. Link here.

    You can see another great video of the Marathon Targets below:

    There are some more pictures on this German blog.

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