OSS Releases New HELIX 5.56 and 7.62 Suppressors

    Operators Suppressors Systems LLC, commonly known as OSS, has announced the release of their two latest entries to their HELIX line of cans, the HX 556 and HX 762. The new cans are direct-mount self-tightening featuring OSS’s “Flow-Through” technologies. The HELIX series is full-auto rated.

    OSS’ cans are known for their baffle-free designs. Instead, the cans redirect gases across multiple layers of helical grooves, slowing them down versus the standard baffle-style containment-only operation. To accomplish this, more materials are needed, which has typically made OSS suppressors significantly heavier than the competition.

    The new HELIX offerings take advantage of new materials including stainless steel, cobalt, and titanium to bring their weight down. The HX 556 clocks in at 20.8 ounces (6.8″ long) and its bigger brother HX 762 is a veritable lightweight for its caliber at 22.3 ounces (7.6″ long). Sound reduction is 32-34 dB for the HX 556 and ~30 dB for the HX 762.

    Like OSS’ other offerings, the Flow-Through architecture has a significant impact on weapon’s function, especially in direct impingement firearms. By not using baffles, the suppressors keep additional back-pressure to a minimum. I have personally shot them and can attest that the common gas cloud in an impingement gun is nearly identical to an unsuppressed weapon.

    Retail for the HX 556 is clocked at $1385 and the HX 762 at $1495. Both are available now through OSS’ dealer network.

    Nathan S

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