New Mission First Tactical Holsters

    MFT holster

    Mission First Tactical (MFT) announced the company would show its new line of pistol holsters at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas next month. The initial design from the company is an outside the waistband rig that will retail for $69.99.

    The company selected Boltaron for the main component of the holsters. Boltaron is a material similar to Kydex but with greater durability and heat resistance. Since the rig is more resistant to heat, it is far less likely to be impacted by extreme temperatures such as being left in a car during an Arizona summer. However, how it reacts to heat also makes it more difficult for the home hobbyist to work. Hence, Kydex is a more popular material for small manufacturers that choose not to invest in the tools needed to work Boltaron.

    Boltaron also has very good fire and chemical resistance.

    According to MFT, the company makes all of the holsters in the United States of America with laser cutting of the parts for clean edges and a precise fit. All of the holsters are hand assembled and finished.

    MFT is known for a variety of AR platform parts and other gun accessories. The company’s Minimalist stock has been quite popular with shooters and manufacturers looking to build a contemporary looking rifle.

    Richard Johnson

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