CROSSFIRE! The Crossfire MKI with Forgotten Weapons

    I know I grew up in the late 80’s and 90’s when as soon as I see or hear the word “Crossfire” the little BB game theme song immediately pops into mind (and then never leaves). All nostalgia aside, the Crossfire MkI combination rifle/shotgun is a product of the same time period.

    Conceived as an answer to a perceived market need for a handy combination weapon of 12 gauge and 5.56 NATO, the Crossfire was far from “handy” in the textbook definition. If one defines “handy” as requiring significant use of the hands to operate, then one may be closer to the actual usefulness of the weapon. Still, that does not mean the weapon should be forgotten. In fact, I think it’s a neat concept, just one that the Crye Six12 mounted below an AR seems to solve better (if they get it to market anytime soon).

    The Crossfire Mk1 is a combination 12 gauge shotgun and 5.56 NATO rifle, both actuated by the same pump action, which is (awkwardly) user selectable. The shotgun is fed from a tubular magazine mounted below and behind the action whereas the rifle is fed from a standard STANAG magazine.

    The weapon was ultimately a commercial failure, but various samples survive to this day, many commanding near retail pricing around $2,000.

    For the full run-down on the weapon, check out Forgotten Weapons’ video below:

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