Magpul Shipping PMAG 12 GL9 for Sub-Compact 9mm Glocks

    I, and many others, love subcompact handguns for every day carry and self-defense. Their uber-small size allows them to be concealed when other weapons may risk printing or exposure. However, the Glock 26 has always been a bit of a problem for me, as I rationally or irrationally need my pinky finger on a gun. The stock magazines have always been a bit short.

    Fixing this is (again) Magpul with their latest release, the PMAG 12 GL9, a purpose designed magazine for subcompact Glocks that addresses my complaint with panache. Rather than stopping at the common 10 rounds, MagPul opted for 12, bringing the magazine to an acceptable length for full-finger grips, including it in the mold itself.

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    This is highly advantageous. Various other sub-compact offerings have pinky extensions, but often these are just rings slipped over the base magazine, making them hard to carry as back-up mags, leaving sub-compact carriers stuck with smaller back-up magazines. With the grips molded into the magazine itself, it’s impossible for the extension to unseat itself.

    This is combined with Magpul’s usual features including textured magazine grasping grooves for forced magazine removal, pen-dot matrix for marking, and removable floor plate.

    Retail is pegged at $15.95, just low enough to make me consider cutting down my G19’s magwell just for this offering. 



    Nathan S

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