GT Zero Glock Tool by Instructor Zero

    Instructor Zero has designed a Glock tool in collaboration with an Italian company called “Extrema Ratio“. The tool is called GT Zero and it is rather a firearm multi-tool than only a Glock tool. Extrema Ratio is an older knife company in Italy. They make high quality blades. Judging from the quality of the knives they make this tool should be a really well made long lasting tool.

    GT Zero (7)

    GT Zero tool has the following features:

    1. Glock front sight tool
    2. Magnetized tool holder
    3. Glass breaker near the tool socket
    4. Flat-head and Allen screwdriver bits (used in many Glock and AR-15 accessories)
    5. 3/32 Glock pin punch built in the cap
    6. Flat-head screwdriver built in the belt clip for optics adjustments.
    7. Lanyard loop on the belt clip
    8. Non-slip grip texture
    9. Grip body made of solid aluminum and anodized
    10. Storage in the tool body

    GT Zero (1)

    GT Zero (2)

    The tool is made in Italy and ships within 7 days. The deluxe edition also comes in a nice polymer case. GT Zero is available through Team Zero Official Store at $79 for the regular version and $97.98 for the deluxe edition. It is not clear though if the case is the only additional feature of the deluxe package.

    GT Zero (4)

    GT Zero (3)

    The GT Zero tool is about 4″ long (100mm) and .79″ (20mm) thick. It weighs 2.3oz (65 grams) with three bits stored inside.

    Here is a video from Instructor Zero’s YouTube channel:

    Instructor Zero gives the following description to this tool:

    The GT Zero has everything you need and nothing you don’t

    This multi-tool looks to be a very solid built one. I think it can be even used as a blunt weapon or impact tool. The main disadvantage to me is the slightly high price.

    Hrachya H

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