Limcat Custom VEPRCAT-12 Competition Shotgun

    Limcat Custom (known for their race guns) has introduced a new competition shotgun called VERPCAT-12. It is based on Vepr-12 shotgun chambered in 12 gauge, hence the name – VEPRCAT-12. The shotgun is designed for 3-Gun and IPSC competition shooting. Limcat Custom accepts orders, although there is no MSRP specified yet.

    Limcat Custom VEPRCAT-12


    From what we can see on the picture above, it features a vented long and smooth handguard with a small Picatinny rail section at 6 o’clock. The most interesting and unique part of the appearance of this gun is the triangular device clamped on the barrel right in front of the handguard. My best guess is that it is there to add weight and tune the balance of the gun. Nonetheless, it gives a sci-fi look to the gun. The gold color of the bolt carrier is probably a titanium nitride coating. The gun also features a recoil compensator.

    The original Vepr-12 shotgun manufacturer Russian company Molot, also makes competition version of their shotguns. You can see below a picture of one of those Molot competition ready shotguns.


    For more information concerning the VEPRCAT-12, its customization options and pricing, it is advised to contact Limcat Custom by phone or e-mail.



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