Armscor VR60 Shotguns

    Armscor VR60

    Shotguns in the style of an AR-15 seem to be gaining in popularity. In a way, it is understandable. The AR rifle is an easy shooting platform that has become America’s rifle. Making a shotgun that mimics many of the AR characteristics seems to make good business sense.

    Of course, shotguns that have imitated the AK platform rifles have been very popular with many shooters. I suppose an AR pattern shotgun can have certain appeal as well.

    Consider the Armscor VR60 series of shotguns. These scatterguns use a gas operated, semi-automatic action and are firmly planted in the look of a classic AR15/M16 with a fixed butt stock and carry handle.

    While the guns are clearly not AR carbines, the VR60 shotguns do share some of the visual and functional characteristics of the rifles. For example, the detachable magazines feed in the same general location and are released by a button similar to those found on an AR. Additionally, the safety is in the same location as the selector switch on an AR.

    The VR60 shotguns are available in 12 gauge and can chamber both 2 3/4″ and 3″ shells. The barrels are 20″ in length and a full set of chokes come with the guns. Standard black guns cost $499.

    Richard Johnson

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