A3 Tactical’s Double Picatinny Clamp

    A3 Tactical has a nifty little accessory called the Double Picatinny Clamp, if you couldn’t figure it out by the name what it does is attach two Picatinny rails together. You can attach various accessories or parts together with A3 Tactical’s new clamp, but what I bet it was really developed for was the obvious, attaching two guns together. Because two guns are always better than one, right?

    Attaching another gun to your rifle is nothing new, remember the AR-15 Mounted Saiga-12 Shotgun? Or the TX-12 Underbarrel Shotgun from a while back? A3 Tactical’s new clamp lets you mount more than just shotguns however. When it comes to the various accessory or multiple gun combinations A3 Tactical claims that their clamp “provides virtually limitless possibilities”. Seriously though, if you’re going to attach two guns together NFA regulations will apply.

    A3 Tactical’s Double Picatinny Clamp is CNC machined from 6061 aluminum and should work with any industry standard spec Picatinny rails. The clamp is also machined to be slightly taller than standard Picatinny grooves to help prevent the two rails you’re clamping together from touching and marring the finish. They retail for $39.95 at A3 Tactical.

    A3 Tactical’s Double Picatinny clamp allows you to mount one Picatinny rail to another. This innovative product provides virtually limitless possibilities. Mount two guns together side-by-side or top-to-bottom. Combine accessories or bridge two parts together, you are only limited by your imagination. Any accessory with a Picatinny rail on it can be connected.
    CNC machined from 6061 aluminum, these clamps were designed to positively lock two rails together. The two center locating dowels locate and prevent fore/aft movement while the tapered side clamps auto-center and clamp the two rails together. And don’t worry about marring the surface of your rail. The locating dowels are machined slightly taller than an industry-standard Picatinny groove to prevent the rails’ mounting surfaces from contacting each other. Simply mate the two halves together, tighten the two Allen screws with the provided wrench and you are good to go.
    NOTE: Every dimension of the Double Picatinny clamp were machined from industry-standard specifications and will work on virtually all US- manufactured rails. Some foreign manufactured components do not adhere to these specs and may not be compatible. www.a3tactical.com
    NOTE: All NFA rules apply.




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