Uronen Precision Modular Tactical Charging Handle

    Of all things on the AR-15, the original charging handle is probably one of the first things to break if it isn’t treated right. Sure, if you use two fingers, as I’m sure the design intended, and pull 50-50 on each side it’s hardly going to brake. However if you’re lazy, or the opposite, trying to charge your rifle and get a stage win in practical shooting by applying all the force to one side, then the original charging handle is a clever thing to upgrade.

    Uronen Precision from Finland just launched these pictures. The final product is not yet released, so the finish is a bit crude and some parts are not anodized yet.

    The positive with this is that it’s easier to see the different parts, and to understand how the modularity works.


    The clever thing with this charging handle is that you can have whichever latch you want on both sides, or either side. This benefit is that a lefty can chose a larger latch on his or her strong side, and specify this when either ordering their Uronen rifle or charging handle.


    With this type of freedom, the green guys crawling and hiding in the bushes can specify a model with two small latches, and whoever wants to win the next match goes with a large for their strong side and medium on the weak.


    The Zeiss V8 1.1-8x looks great, and it’s a great optic too. Note the UP throw lever on the Zeiss, which TFB wrote about about a month ago.


    The Uronen Precision logotype on a patch.


    Another version, with medium sized latches. Makes it a bit less aggressive and less protruding than the large left side latch.

    With medium size latches, sales has already started if you want to pick one up. (Pictured below)


    The price is €159 with your own choice of latches.

    Eric B

    Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with a European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatics, optics, thermals and suppressors. TCCC Certified. Occasionaly seen in a 6×6 Bug Out Vehicle, always with a big smile.