Attempted Suicide At Gun Range



    Just last week this video has been going around of a woman shooting a handgun in an indoor range. She takes a shot and then immediately turns the gun into herself and fires it into her chest.


    There is no sound and there is a little hypothesizing as to what transpired in this video. The woman appears to have turned the gun on herself. The reaction of the range officer is a bit confusing. He Jumps back when she shot herself. So it seems the bullet may have passed thru her but you do not see any blood or exit wound at her back. Since the range officer seems to grab his leg, it is believed the bullet may have exited her left side and struck him in the leg.

    Notice that she did not die right away. We can possibly assume she may have been shooting FMJs but even hollowpoints are not a guarantee of instant death.

    Incidents like this are the reason some ranges in other countries, tether the guns so that it is not possible for them to be turned to harm someone.

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