Zero Training African Park Rangers, array of small arms

    Due to increasing poaching efforts over the years, an number of national and private parks in Africa have become increasingly vigilant in their efforts to combat poachers. As poacher tactics have become more sophisticated, so have many of the park Rangers guarding the animals that live in these parks. Unfortunately this has lead to some deaths on the Good Guy side of things.

    Unlike militaries or police forces, many of these parks have to find other means to arm themselves. This has lead to an interesting array of small arms in use by many of these Rangers. FALs, G3s, Kalashnikovs, and even some AUGs are just a few of the rifles represented in the fight against poachers. In some cases the Rangers are even getting Hi-Tech, with night image intensifiers, and drones being used to curb poaching efforts. Even 40x46mm Milkor Grenade Launchers have been fielded in the Ranger efforts.

    Instructor Zero in collaboration with Funker Tactical has just wrapped up a series of training evolutions, working with Pilanesberg National Park in South Africa. Here we see a rare side of Zero in that much of his online content is focused on individual actions and marksmanship. But in South Africa Zero is not only teaching those skill sets, but in addition to incorporating it into team and squad maneuvers, convoy security, etc…

    These photos are from the Pro Track Anti Poaching Unit in South Africa. It appears they are issuing out a variant of the AKS75U with Bulgarian compensators, in addition to an array of 9x19mm Berettas and Hi Powers.

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    This is from a cache of weapons seized from poachers in Kenya. The abundance of automatic rifles necessitates the change in tactics in fighting against the poachers.


    Also in Kenya, guarding the White Rhino population. Interesting addition of an AK front sight assembly and a telescoping AR stock on the shotgun.


    In Zimbabwe we have this G3A3, with some crazy height over bore going on!

    rhino1The Hemmersbach Rhino Force is another interesting organization, based in Germany but protecting Rhinos in South Africa. They seem to be cutting the horns off of Rhinos so that poachers can’t even get to them to begin with. The same Bulgarian Krinks appear to be present.

    14681579_923421751122153_5984284200413954926_n 14657242_923423311121997_2878549914876604998_n


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