Video Games Real? “Snap-To” Targeting with AIMLOCK

    The various uber-popular first-person shooter franchises are a hoot to play. While yes, they certainly lack realism despite being based on reality, it’s enjoyable to spend an afternoon being lost in a story and being able to vicariously shoot many firearms that its not possible to own. To keep campaigns to an afternoon and avoid player frustration many of these games feature “auto aiming” in some form that as you look down the sights, the game moves the reticle to center mass ready for the digital trigger pull.

    Unfortunately, that capability has been only available in video games… until recently. A new venture called AIMLOCK is touting as “…a stabilizing, lightweight, auto-targeting chassis designed for use with existing automatic/semi-auto (firearms). The AimLock MRR (Medium Range Rifle) provides a host of benefits, including automatic target detection and tracking, unprecedented probability of hit and reduced time to engagement in both stable and unstable firing positions”

    In short, it’s a chassis that has a built-in imager, computer, and movement to increase the probability of one being able to engage a target. The chassis is capable of identifying, tagging, tracking, and engaging a target from supported (bipod / prone) and unsupported (standing) positions. To achieve this, the chassis has an internal apparatus to “stabilize” (aim) the weapon.


    Unlike TrackingPoint, the AimLock uses a mechanical trigger, using the chassis to guide the muzzle, not determine the timing of the shot release. This is beneficial, as the “guided” electronic firing guns may actually not take a shot, as it’s not perfect. The AimLock will at least put rounds down range.

    For more information, check out AimLock’s website here. 

    Nathan S

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