New Cleaning Gear from Real Avid

    Gun Tool Max

    As we approach the new year, Real Avid announced the introduction of several new gun cleaning tools. They are the Gun Tool Max, Carbon Boss AR15 and the Bore Boss. Let’s take a look.

    Gun Tool Max

    A multi-tool is a handy thing to keep in your car, bug out bag, hunting pack and range kit. Each of these scenarios might need a different tool for maximum usefulness. Real Avid’s Gun Tool Max looks to find a place in your range kit.

    This product has a number of built in tools including needle nose pliers, a universal choke tube wrench, carbon scraper, a detachable pin punch, a hooked pick, a bit driver and more. It comes in a nylon sheath and carries a suggested retail price of $59.99. (note: If you are looking for an AR specific multitool, check this out.)

    Carbon Boss AR-15

    Carbon Boss AR15

    AR-15 owners learn that the impingement system can be a bit dirty. Scraping your bolt can become a real chore depending on how much shooting you do. If this sounds familiar, Real Avid has a tool that you might be interested in.

    Called the Carbon Boss AR-15, the new multi-tool is made of non-hardened stainless steel and is designed to clean 12 different surfaces of the bolt carrier group. In addition to the scraping tools, the tool has a built-in 360˚ bronze phosphor brush and even a cotter pin puller to help pull it out.

    The tools fold out of the way when not in use and it comes with a nylon sheath. The MSRP for this tool is $29.99. (Don’t worry AK fans, the company also has a kit for the AK-47.)

    Bore Boss

    Bore Boss

    I look forward to buying some of these. Sorry, I jumped ahead to the end. Let me back up.

    Bore Snakes and similar cleaning tools sort of revolutionized how I clean firearms. I would often spend half of my gun cleaning time getting lead and copper fouling out of the barrel. These kinds of products significantly sped up the process. The one downfall of these is that I have to store them in the original, and somewhat bulky, packaging they came in to keep them separated. As a result, I have a needlessly large box of these on my gun cleaning shelf.

    The new Bore Boss aims to change that.

    The Bore Boss is a similarly styled bore cleaning system with a bronze brush and braided mop. However, it has a handle that helps to more easily pull the system through the bore. Even more importantly (for me) is that it has its own built-in case that makes storing the system much more compact and keeps any oil and grime from getting on anything else.

    Ten different calibers will be initially available, and these will have a MSRP of only $9.99 for each regardless of caliber. I’m looking forward to trying these out and see if I can replace my box with something more compact.

    Richard Johnson

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