CZ Scorpion Barrel Cooler

    Among the many upgrades for the CZ Scorpion Evo 3, some owners have acquired this barrel cooler. It is available on CZ’s online shop for $25. Click here to check it out. Now there are some hypothesis that this barrel cooler is designed for the select fire Scorpions. I am not sure how well this will work for Semi Auto Scorpions. Unless you intend on doing multiple mag dumps, I do not think this will do much. The other concern is the material that this barrel cooler is made of. It looks to be made of some cast metal.

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    The “fins” look very thick and while it might do something, I am not sure it will do much.
    Here is a photo of the Thermal Dissipator by JP Rifles. They take a CPU heat sink design and wrap it around an AR15 barrel.


    If you look at CPU heatsink designs, they have thin fins of aluminum to draw the heat away from the CPU. JP’s Thermal Dissipator looks like it does the same thing. Which is why I question the efficacy of the CZ barrel cooler.

    However, since it is only $25 it doesn’t break the bank. Perhaps it can give one peace of mind? What are your thoughts?

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