CAA CDMAG Countdown AR-15 Magazine is Now Available

    CAA has announced the availability of their CDMAG, which is a 30 round AR-15 polymer magazine with round counting capability. The magazine has a small window on the bottom portion of its rear wall, which shows the exact number of the ammunition left in the mag.

    CAA CDMAG - 2

    The background of numbers is also color coded and changes the color depending on the amount of cartridges. The color coding is for quicker acquisition of the information about remaining ammo in the magazine. The background is green when there are at least 21 rounds in the magazine, it is yellow when  20 to 11 cartridges are left, and it’s red in case of 0 to 10 rounds in the magazine. There is also a viewing port on the floorplate to see the color coding.

    CAA CDMAG - 1

    The counting system neither reduces the magazine’s capacity, nor it changes the standard disassembly procedure. CDMAG also features a corrosion resistant steel spring and an anti-tilt follower. The magazine weighs 6.7oz, it is 7.48″ long and 2.75″ wide. CDMAG is available through CAA’s website at MSRP of $29.99.

    This magazine was designed by SAA back in 2008 and it is only now available for purchase. Below is a video from CAA’s YouTube channel showing the torture tests of the CDMAG:

    I think if it is as robust and reliable as shown in the video and if CAA manages to make the price a bit lower, then it can gain huge popularity on the market.

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