AR-15 Bullpup Conversion by Center Balanced Systems

    Center Balanced Systems is working on a prototype of a bullpup conversion for AR-15 style rifles. The bullpup rifle is called CBAR. Anytime you hear the words “AR-15 bullpup” the next logical question is “what will they do with the buffer tube?”. In the case of CBAR, it is left as is. The buffer tube goes over your shoulder and the actual stock which contacts the shooter’s shoulder is in the area where AR-15 pistol grip is normally located.

    They will most likely use Anderson Manufacturing rifle as a base for the CBAR bullpup. However, it is not clear if they will be selling complete converted guns only or they’ll also offer a conversion unit. There’ll be also several modifications of CBAR with different foregrip options adding $40 and &60 to the cost of the basic rifle. The MSRP is not specified yet.

    CBAR bullpup - 2

    Center Balanced Systems has sent samples of the prototype rifle to several different people for testing and evaluation. Below is a test firing video of the CBAR rifle:

    A similar system of the recoil system extending over and behind the shoulder was earlier used by Barrett on their M82A2 anti-materiel rifle.

    CBAR bullpup - 1

    Also, a couple of years ago, the host of DemolitionRanch YouTube channel has released a video, where he made a similar homemade conversion:

    I think this concept could be more useful if it was possible to quickly convert the gun back to its original configuration. Imagine if it could be done as fast as folding the stock on other rifles.


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