Video: Kalashnikov AR. KAR-16 from Finland

    This is the first prototype of the Kalashnikov-AR, KAR-16, in 7,62×39 mm from Finland.

    Forget the large corporations, this KAR-16 has been designed and built by an enthusiastic gunsmith.

    I presume the “-16” stands for 2016.


    Below: Left hand charging handle.


    Burris AR-536 5×36 prism sight.


    Nord Arms AR-15 trigger group


    The upper receiver is made from steel and the lower receiver is out of aluminum.


    The rifle seems to function just fine. Ejected brass seems to go in two directions, mostly about 45 degrees front/right or almost 90 degrees right.


    Rifle Specifications below. Taking the best from the AK and the AR and put it together?

    – Length: 850 mm
    – Weight: 3,6 kg
    – Operation: Semi-automatic, short-stroke gas piston
    – Barrel: 17,7″ (450 mm) Lothar Walther 7,62x39mm, twist rate 10″
    – Optic: Burris AR-536 5×36 prism sight
    – Nord Arms AR-15 trigger group

    Manually machined:
    – Steel upper receiver
    – 7075 aluminum lower receiver
    – Steel bolt and bolt carrier
    – Gas piston
    – POM buffer

    The weight can be lowered even more by using aluminum for the upper receiver instead of steel.


    The five shot group at 75 meters, using a sandbag under the handguard as support, is really impressive but then again, the Lothar Walther barrels are usually really good. And most Finns know how to shoot.


    The ammunition is 8,0g / 126 gr bullets, 7,62×39 mm, Sako FMJ.


    Finally, see the KAR-16 shoot here in this video:


    The length of the rifle is 850mm is due to the legislation that a rifle must be minimum 840 mm.

    Eric B

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