Triple Barreled German Krupp Stahl

    My friend Mike Branson got to photograph his co-worker’s father’s 100 year old gun. The engraving is just stunning.

    A coworker’s father owns this beautiful German Krupp Stahl “drilling” (combination gun) made over 100 years ago. The two shotgun barrels are 12 gauge and the rifle barrel underneath is an unknown caliber but possibly 9.3×72.

    I begged her to let me take it home so I could take macro photos and document the engraving, which enthralls me. Someone in pre-Great War Germany spent a lot of time crafting this fine piece. The optic on top is a 2x Kahles unit featuring a tapered reticle.

    The detail Mike captured really show the craftsmanship of this fine firearm.


    12140746_1334468686614117_1243569139301110918_n 15317836_1334468646614121_472060814302589185_n 15349555_1334468146614171_8521004380089637024_n 15349731_1334468946614091_291579332683956361_n 15356753_1334469796614006_6440169588497923192_n 15380443_1334468366614149_5365318882549616956_n 15390705_1334468266614159_1658613771843335613_n 15390750_1334469473280705_5253623879758386349_n 15391234_1334468176614168_6284998252463400232_n 15401102_1334468539947465_1745371651062965021_n 15420767_1334468759947443_2078043504313145880_n 15420801_1334468319947487_7455061760233333144_n 15421018_1334468879947431_7235977405052588193_n 15492088_1334468186614167_7872626686598979248_n


    Edit: Luckily Michael’s co-worker still had the gun on hand. But MIchael did not have his good camera. Here are some phone pics he took of the markings under the barrel.

    15451327_1337244279669891_1777293674_n 15555713_1337244249669894_1493569182_n 15571336_1337244236336562_1335187302_n

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