Very rare carbines: The Ak 5D Police – CGA5 P and CGA5 C2

    Everyone who knows a little about the Swedish Army knows about the Ak5 (Automatkarbin 5, or Automatic carbine 5). The rifle is still in use, and backgrounds to the FNC 80 / FNC.

    The Ak 5D Police, or CGA5 P, is much less known. Taking the shorter Ak5 D version as a start, with the 10,2″ barrel, it was a special version for the Swedish Police. The 5D is semi-auto only, but in special events – like war – it can easily be converted with an Allen key to fully automatic.

    “CGA” stands for “Carl Gustaf Automatkarbin” (Carl Gustaf Automatic-carbine). The factory was called “Carl Gustaf Stads Gevärsfaktori” (Rifle Factory of Carl Gustaf’s town), but doesn’t exist any more, it closed in 2012.

    The rifle on the picture is actually a CGA5 C2, which would be even rarer. The owner has two, but no one seems to know how many that were produced. I would think very few.


    Below: CGA5 C2 in the middle. This might look like an arms bust, but these rifles are from a large collection sometimes used for the movie industry.


    According to my information, the CGA5P got another pistol grip, new flash hider and the same bolt handle as the Ak5. The CGA5P doesn’t have the carrying handle or optics either.

    It’s a few year’s ago since I took these pictures of the C2, but I remember the sight/optic was pretty poor.

    Both the 5P and C2 are black, instead of green as the normal Ak 5.

    I cannot remember, but it looks like the C2 on the picture has a green upper and a black lower.

    As you can see, the 5Ps are black-black, upper/lower.

    Below: CGA5 P. Note the “Beredskaps Polis” insignia. Foldable stock.


    The C2 version has no official users, it didn’t sell or was just used for R&D. However the C2 finally ended up as the 5P, which was used by the Swedish Police if only for a short while.

    A few mentioned the rifle was not 100% reliable. Well, no rifle is, but I think you understand the context.

    The CGA5 P used older Ak5A:s as donors. The “upper” was quite often brand new, but the lower was a refurbished one. According to one source, the scrap rate of the uppers was as high as 40%.

    A total of 1 500 CGA5 P were supposed to have distributed around the Swedish Police in 2001, to be used in event of crisis or war. (“Preparedness Police”) For instance, it was used during the 2001 EU summit meeting.

    At the same time, the HK MP5 and G36, as well as a few HK 53, were (are) in service.

    The “Preparedness Police” was cancelled in 2012, and all CGA5 P:s were destroyed.

    To say the least, it was a pretty stupid decision and just a few years later there are now talks to start it up again. Our tax dollars at work again.

    Below: CGA 5P. Note the Picatinny rail and bolt handle as the normal Ak5. Source to Aftonbladet.


    Photo: Krister Hansson

    Below: CGA5 C2 to the right.


    Below: CGA5 C2 top. Gotta love the Tasco sight on the M16.


    Here you can see the CGA5 C2 in action in “Easy Money: Life Deluxe”. Fast Forward to around 1:18 for the C2 action.

    Below: Notice the sight, carrying handle and different bolt handle. Flash hider different to the 5P, the C2 seems more like a pepper box. The grip is said to be different, but I don’t have a good reference.


    Jorge holding his CGA5P during the heist. Note the detachable carrying handle with built-in telescope sight.


    Below: From the movie Easy Money: Life Deluxe (2013), CGA5 C2.


    IMFDB’s reference to the rifle: SOURCE. However, the rifle is NOT a 5P it is a C2.

    Another source in Swedish: HERE.


    The CGA5 C2 in 5,56×45 mm NATO

    Easy Money: Life Deluxe (2013)



    Shooting out of a window with the CGA C2.

    7 miljonŠrer. Jouko Ahola

    SoldF has more, but it’s all in Swedish. There are some nice pictures as reference on different Ak5 models: HERE.

    I tried my best, but some of the sources contradict each other. Please let me know if you have additional information.

    Eric B

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